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Regeneration or Degeneration? 

The Choice is Yours!

by Roland Young


There was a time when conversation between friends was about family, sports cars, vacations, hopes and dreams, politics, your occupation, or religion. Today, the main topic of conversation seems to be about our latest health problem ... how sick we are how crummy we feel ... our aches and pains... our lack of energy... etc., etc. Something has gone wrong! The facts indicate a national health crisis is upon us.  What are our choices? Are there solutions? One thing is for sure. We cannot drug ourselves into health. If this were so, we would be a healthy nation by now. However. there is an answer. But it requires you to personally take  charge of your health. No one else can do it for you.


The Choice is Yours!




We all want good health. But what is it? Health is not merely an absence of illness. It is evidenced by a steady state of euphoria and positive well being. This is rarely experienced by humans today. The people we meet could be divided into four groups.       


1. People who are definitely sick.

2. People who are almost Sick.

3. People who think they are healthy.

4. People who are experiencing a high level of health.


Most of us will find ourselves in one of the first three groups. A very small percentage of our population may be found in the fourth category. Being filled with a joy for living, an overflowing energy, and an over-all feeling of well being is a very rare experience for most people.


True health involves painless sound bodily movements, exc1ently working vital organs, and mental faculties operating at full throttle. Much of our wellbeing stems from our heredity, but this in only our starting point for building and maintaining optimum health.    


Health is easily seen in others. They radiate superior health. Their eyes are clear and seem to sparkle with life. There is clearness and a living color to the skin. They have a bounce in their step and their joyful feeling for living is infectious. You are excited to be around them.


Health is like a bubbling fountain within. A zeal for life, enthusiasm, joy, bountiful energy, and a "natural high-for life characterizes health. But we rarely see this kind of exuberant physiological masterpiece walking around in America today.


This vitality can be achieved and is possible for most of us during our three score and ten (if the damage we have done to ourselves is not beyond the point of no return). All of this can be ours, but we must seek It. Good health cannot be produced by our unhealthy living practices.


To fail or refuse to seek health will rob us of everything good. Without health, the opportunity or the potential each of us was born with will never have a chance to develop to its full potential. We could even become a burden to those we love the most.


When health is absent

Wisdom cannot reveal itself

Art cannot become manifest

Strength cannot be exerted

Wealth becomes useless

And reason is powerless

-Herophilus, 300 B. C.




Our requirements for good health are almost identical to those of a plant. We need fresh air, pure dr1nk1ng water, sunshine, nourishing food, and warmth. Without these, both plants and humans will perish. These are the bare essentials of life. If we restrict ourselves to only one of these, we will die. Our health is determined by our use or abuse of these five basic requirements of life.


An additional five balancing factors for health are exercise, proper sanitation, rest and sleep, emotional fulfillment, and a purpose for living. These ten prerequisites for life are the conditions for our good health. The lack of any of these can be the cause of our poor health.


All of the factors are so interdependent that none stands alone or is complete without the others.




Just as there are causes of disease there are also causes of health. Each day our body heals itself with the raw materials ingested. This healing process takes place on a microscopic level and the success or failure of healing also depends on the quality of these raw mater1als (food).


We are never as intelligent as the body. It regulates the chemistry of its fluids and tissues and knows exactly what to do and when to do it. We must rely on this "automatic mechanism" to correct all the injustices we impose an ourselves.


There are laws of health that are just as reliable and immutable as the law of gravity. the laws of thermodynamics, and all the other physical laws of the universe.


A fundamental healing principle is:


All cells act to preserve themselves at all times.


This instinct is sustained by a "vital force" or life. The success of this force is directly proportionate to the amount or strength of it. While these individual cells attempt to preserve themselves, they are working together to preserve the whole.


When we understand the grandeur of the body's defense mechanisms used to maintain cellular purity, we may come to the astounding revelation that we really have to work hard to inflict ourselves with sickness.


You are probably wondering about now: "How can I regain my health when sick and stay healthy when I'm well?" The answer is not something mysterious, complicated, or hard to understand. The answer is two-fold.


1... Remove all causes of disease

2... Supply the conditions for health.


Like weeds in a garden, the causes of disease must be removed. If we first do not remove these causes, our health improvement is impossible. Would you try to heal a burn by continually burning yourself? If you want the burn to heal you must remove the flame.




1... Your Excesses

2... Your Deficiencies

3... Your Poor Emotional Habits

4... Your Poison Habits




Our excesses are acts that exceed the normal things in our life. Some of the more common excesses are overeating, over drinking (any liquid), taking baths too often, overworking, too much sun, too much exercise, too much sleep, and being too emotional.


All of these are normal factors in life. They just need to be supplied in proper quantity and quality in order to restore and preserve health.


Any excesses have an enervating effect on the body and as such are the very beginning cause of disease.




The soil our food is grown in is not in the same condition it was one hundred years ago. It has become depleted of the minerals needed for healthy plants, which provide us the nutrition for body maintenance and healing.


This depletion has been caused by erosion, not replacing the organic matter to the soil, failure to rotate crops, and never allowing the land to rest. Added to these natural depletions are the unnatural ones. These include artificial fertilizers, herbicides to control weeds, fungicides to control fungi, and pesticides to control insects. All of these end up in cur food.


Our preparation of this food decreases even further whatever available nutrients are left in the food. We cook it and destroy the living enzymes. We nuke it with micro-waves which alter the molecular structure. We blast it with radiation to give it longer shelf life. We denature our food and then try to make it wholesome again by adding back what we think it needs in the form of synthetic vitamins (from coal tar). We process and package our food so that it can sit on a shelf for months and not spoil.


After all this, we ... in our great wisdom ... play chemist with our body and try to guess what we need and rely on vitamins and minerals in pill form (all .. synthetic and without life) to replace what has been taken or destroyed in our food.


To regain and maintain our health we must eat whole natural foods, prepared in their natural state before they have been changed in any way. Your main source of food should consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and food grade herbs (more on this later). All should be organically grown if possible. This is the best way for us to receive the nourishment needed for maintenance and healing.


Our other deficiencies are too little sleep, insufficient exercise, lack of sunshine, no friends or interpersonal relationships, or a lack of emotional fulfillment.


A deficiency in anyone of these normal needs of life can also be enervating and be a remote or basic cause of disease.




Your emotional habits can cause disease just as much as eating unhealthy foods. Detrimental emotional habits are formed from birth. Poor environment, unhealthy family relations, or even being allowed to feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self-pity, will take their toll on your health.   


It doesn't really matter how or why we may have an emotional habit. What counts is recognizing the problem and then proceeding to do something about it. These emotional handicaps can be smashed just as we can overcome poor physical habits. Sometimes., in order to make a dramatic dynamic lasting breakthrough, professional counseling or confiding in a very close friend may be needed.


We are all human. We all make mistakes. Probably the most important ingredient for emotional health is the ability to forgive.


Our first step toward changing poor emotional habits is realizing they exist. Hatred, anger, wrath, strife, envy, jealousy, lust, greed, worry, anxiety, resentment, selfishness, self-centeredness, self-pity, being argumentative, introversion, overly critical, unforgiving, and unfriendly, all have negative physiological consequences on our body.            


One very dominant trend in our society is to suffer from extremely low self-esteem. Each of us carries far too much emotional baggage around in our heads.  Every individual is unique and has something special to offer. You will never find it until you look. For starters ... try to be encouraging to others.


These negative personality traits or emotions have varied effects on our health, but the common denominator is their tendency to paralyze normal body functions (cellular metabolism).


When we continue any of these poor emotions, metabolic wastes are not properly eliminated and negative pathological changes take place.


Our emotions can be so enervating that one emotional upset may fatigue us to the point that it may take weeks to recover from this tremendous expenditure of nerve energy.


Progress is impossible without change: and those who cannot change their

minds cannot change anything.





People who value power over friendship may have a harder time fighting off disease and get sick more often, new research suggests.


But having supportive friendships can boost immune function and help fight disease -even under stress.


Studies by Prince top University psychologist John B. Jemmott III add to growing evidence that personality can affect ability to fight illness. He looked at immune function at times of high and low stress for 257 men and women. Some valued relationships and socializing, others were strongly power-driven-assertive, completive, focused on collecting status symbols or promotions. Among key findings:


During high-stress periods, those with lots of friendships had significantly higher levels of IgA-part of the immune system that helps fight infection, particularly upper respiratory infections.


Under stress, they had significantly higher activity among cells that recognize and kill tumors and viruses.


Power-driven people took longer to recover normal IgA levels of stress.


Those With the toughest shield: unstressed people with active soctal lives.


One explanation: power-driven personalities may produce more adrenaline, which suppresses immune function.




If a substance is not required and is never used physiologically, then it is in reality a poison. Any amount is a poison ... no matter how small.


An obvious example is smoking. There is no bodily requirement for smoke and the more than 200 chemicals that are inhaled in the smoke. The body simply does not use any part of tile smoke for building tissue or maintaining body fluids.


Any food that has a substance in it or on it that is not a food becomes a poison. These include any foods with preservatives, artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, etc. Especially damaging are soft drinks and foods with processed white sugar or salt.


Some of these habits maybe hard to break because they are addictive. But these are "weeds" that must be removed from your "garden." Health can not be achieved while we are poisoning ourselves. The habit may be removed abruptly or more slowly-but they must be removed if you really plan to reach your goal of superior health.






Heavy Metals

Antibiotics in your Milk


Antibiotics in your Meat

Herbicides Fungicides

White Sugar

Synthetic Vitamins

Bleached Flour


Chlorinated Water



Artificial Coloring




Irradiated Food

High Fat Diet

Fluoridated Water

Soda Pop



Sodium Nitrate

Artificial Flavors

Synthetic vitamins

Too Much Alcohol




When we become sick we should not think in terms of the name of the disease, but instead realize the entire body is infected or affected, not just the location of the problem. All diseases are only local manifestations of an overall toxic system. Simply put .. the body chemistry is out of balance.


Our illnesses start with enervation (to deprive of nerve, force, or strength) that leads to toxicosis or toxemia (an over-accumulation of toxins within the body--blood poisoning).


Our body operates on nerve energy. If this energy is sufficiently replaced through rest and sleep and we are fulfilling the laws or causes of health; we will remain healthy.


However, if our outgoing energy exceeds the replacement of energy, we will experience enervation. Our deficient diet and other negative living habits will catch up with us. Our body may not be able to keep up with the expulsion of the by-products of metabolism. When these toxins, plus those we take in with our food and water rise above our personal tolerance level, the body ... out of self-preservation ... initiates an elimination process. We get sick.


The symptoms can vary from person to person. It depends on which part of our body is a weak point and where our quickest point of exit of toxic material may be.


Even though the symptoms of our particular disease can be unpleasant. it is evidence the body is making an attempt at cleaning house. Healing and purification are beginning to take place. To suppress this body response, or cleansing, would be a mistake. Continued suppression prevents the body from cleansing itself and the toxins are retained.


As we continue a devitalizing lifestyle, new toxins are added to the old toxins. The body's filtration systems become even more burdened. Continued suppression inhibits any attempts at cleansing and the toxins are stored in various parts of the body. Eventually the level of toxicity becomes so intense the body moves into the next stage of disease.


Should we continue to mask the symptoms with substitution (ignoring the cause and treating only the effects), we are increasing the possibility of reaching the seventh stage of disease ... CANCER.


There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Disease. - Publius Syrus 50 B.C.




1... Enervation


A state of nervous exhaustion. Our body Is not generating enough nerve energy to perform cellular metabolism. Nerve energy is a form of electricity measurable in millivolts--too little and the body functions become impaired. Including getting rid of wastes.


2... Toxemia


The accumulation of debris from normal cellular breakdown of dead cells plus the addition of external toxins has reached a point too great for the body to handle. In an attempt at self-preservation, the body cleans house by ridding itself of the toxins. During this process we are sick with cold or flu symptoms.


3... Irritation


The nerve network senses toxic materials. We feel irritation in the areas affected by toxic wastes. This is an alarm that something is wrong.


4... inflammation


You are keenly aware that there is a problem. It involves pain. The body begins to redirect its vital energies. The intestinal tract is shutdown. We give these diseases names that end in itis ... tonsillitis ... appendicitis ... colitis. etc. Inflammation is the body's response to a life threatening situation. This is the body's most intensive effort to cleanse and restore Itself.


5.. Ulceration


This is a degenerative stage. Due to a toxic system grossly out of balance. staggering amounts of tissue structures are being destroyed. The body cannot cope with the large amounts of toxic material. A void is created where tissues die.


6... Induration


The voids are filled with toxic material encapsulated by a sac of hardened tissue. Toxic material sealed off in this manner is called a tumor. This is the last stage of the body's attempt at intelligent control. If we continue the same pathogenic practices that caused the toxemia, this tumorous tissue system goes wild and becomes parasitic, living off nutrients from the lymph system.


7... Cancer


These cells are not capable of organized intelligent direction. They have become disorganized and their genetic coding is altered. Cancer cells flourish and spread as long as nutrients are available, the immune system is out of balance and we refuse to remove all causes of disease and supply the conditions for health.


Remember: there is a point of no return.




All cure starts from within then moving outward, from the head down

and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared. -HERING'S LAW OF CURE


Food For Thought


Most new ideas are usually rejected with varying degrees of skepticism by those who are satisfied with their present circumstances. They are comfortable with their health belief system and see no need for any change on their part. Should one close their mind and throw away the key simply because a concept or new idea is "new" to them? In many cases what appears new is historically very old. The knowledge was either lost, suppressed, or just now becoming available. Just because the so-called "educated" may laugh, ridicule and then reject a truth does not make that truth a lie.


If any man can convince me and bring home to me that I do not think or act aright, gladly, will I change; for I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed. But he is harmed who abides on still in his deception and Ignorance. -

-Marcus Aurelius Antonius


As we close in on the beginning of the 21st Century, we still don't have a national interest or incentive to prevent disease. It is a sad truth that 90% of our population is merely interested in getting by and oblivious to the fact that they are committing a slow suicide every waking moment. They do not become interested in health until they lose it, or until their job is hindered. It is at this point that they begin looking for something to cure or remedy their condition. The solution that most are looking for is a quick-fix ("give me a shot, doc!"). Then they continue to abuse their body with the same injustices that caused their disease in the first place. When such a patient has been given up by his doctors, he at last awakens to the seriousness of his problem and is finally frightened enough to start doing something about it. Unfortunately, it may be too late.          


Wouldn't It be better to seek health as a part of your lifestyle? We basically have two choices. We can pay now for higher quality food or we can pay a whole lot more later (in money and misery) just trying to stay alive.


Food For Body


Before vitality, superior health, overcoming sickness, higher energy levels or longevity can be achieved, we must begin eating Nutrient Dense Foods. These are real foods that are never the result of the processing activity. These foods are in the raw state and are electromagnetically charged with a life force that is separate and distinct from the caloric energy that is released from food by digestion, enzymatic action, and assimilation. We must be eating whole, natural, and enzyme active foods that have not been refined, processed, overcooked or preserved with chemicals. These actions plus microwaving and the new problem of food irradiation with Cobalt-60 and Cesium 137 render our foods lifeless and devoid of any enzyme activity.


Gabriel Cousins. M.D. stated.

All life processes depend on enzyme function. When enzymes are depleted, so is our vital force and health.


Another physician. Yoshihide Hagtwara, M.D. stated.        

Enzymes are involved in moving our hands and legs, and even in the process of thinking. If enzymes were lost, all the functions of our body would fail.




If we continue to eat food in its unnatural state, we will deplete our body's supply of enzymes, which will result in the degeneration of our genetically weaker glands and organs.






In order for Regeneration to take place, the chemical building blocks of l1fe must be made available.


You can not depend on your local grocery store for the kind of food that Is needed. (For a full explanation read the booklet- "Choices." produced by WHOLESUN HEALTH.) You can not depend on synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals to do the Job either. (For a full explanation read the booklet-"Vitamin Roulette: produced by WHOLESUN HEALTIH.)


The body requires superior nutrition that is organically grown and free from pesticides, preservatives, or other man-made additives. This type of food is available from a few health food stores. Distance, seasonal selection, spoilage, and the retail cost are all inhibiting and restricting factors.




The role water plays within our bodies covers five functions: a solvent, transporter, lubricant, coolant, and as a dispersant.


In order for Regeneration to take place without unnecessary hindrances; only pure water should be consumed. To drink chlorinated, Fluoridated, or well water is only adding more toxins and impurities for your body to deal with.


It is not the purpose of this booklet to prove or disprove the merits of drinking the only pure water - distilled water. There are many books written on this subject. One of the best is "The Truth About Water: by Paul Bragg.




Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell of the body: it dissolves the wastes of cell life so that those poisons and toxins can be carried away from the cells. It dissolves the inorganic mineral substances lodged in tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of pur1fy1ng the body.


Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth--the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues.


By its continued use, it is possible to dissolve minerals, acid crystals, and all other waste products of the body without injuring the tissues.






A healing crisis is the result of an intense effort of every organ in the body to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration. Through this reconstructive process towards a healthy body, old inferior tissues are replaced with superior new tissues.


In a healing crisis there is usually a fever and a catarrhal elimination. These wastes are now in a dissolved free-flowing state, ready to be efficiently removed from the body.


This experience will seem like having disease because of re-experiencing disease symptoms. But there is a very important distinction ... elimination. All the eliminative organs are functioning right up the time of the crisis. These processes have become more acute because of the abundance of stored-up energy.


The healing crisis can come without warning. Usually you will feel at your very best shortly before the crises. The vital forces and energies must become strong enough to initiate these explosive powers of cleansing. Tissue that has been built from poor nutrition and bad living habits will someday have to wrestle with new healthy tissue created from living food.


 There are three stages a person must pass through in order to become well.


            1... ELIMINATIVE

            2... TRANSITIONAL

            3... BUILDING


The crisis usually occurs during the transitional period, which is the time when new tissue has become strong enough to function as a more perfect body.




 When the use of stimulants such as coffee, tea, soda pop, and chocolate are suddenly stopped, a headache may occur. This is due to the circulation and discarding of stored up toxins called caffeine and theobromine. A let down will follow due to a heartbeat that is slower because it is no longer being stimulated by the caffeine and theobromine from chocolate. After a few days these symptoms will go away and we will feel more energy due to the recuperation that follows.


Eliminating or dramatically cutting back on stimulating animal foods, such as meat, fowl, fish, cheeses, milk, eggs, etc .. will also result in a slower heartbeat. This may be detected as a state of relaxation or decrease in energy. This initial letdown usually lasts about ten days and is followed by an increase of strength and energy, a feeling of greater well-being and reduced stress.


When the quality of food and water coming into the body is greater than the tissues the body is made of, the body begins a process of discarding the lower grade tissues and producing superior grade cells or tissues.


It may take about three months until the body has the stored energy to start the process. A healing crisis usually lasts about three days, starting with slight pains and discomfort which may become more severe until complete elimination of the toxins has been reached. If the energy level is low, the crisis may last for a week or more.        


The more Vitality one has, the more powerful the effect of the Crisis will be.




During the healing crisis there is an absence of appetite. The body needs more water to help carry off the toxins that have finally reached the elimination stage. It is also a time for rest. You must rest it out.

This includes mental as well as physical rest.            


There is not only a physical healing crisis, but a mental crisis as well. We must also have our mental fixations and complexes cleared out of the mind. This is just as important as a cleansing of the bowel or any other organ. If there is a mental state that is causing irritation or colitis in the bowel, the best colonic cannot cure it. Everything must be considered in the build-up to a healing crisis


When eating, eat only foods that assist in the elimination process--and only small amounts. These foods should be of the type that are easily digested. To eat hard to digest food would take away energy that is needed for cleansing and el1m1nation.






What flows in the arteries determines whether the body is getting what it needs. Vital living foods must be taken into the body and be properly digested and assimilated.




Cell structures must be supplied the Vital nutrients for regeneration as rapidly as possible.




Rest allows the body to recuperate and regenerate. Tiredness is a barometer of our health and fatigue Is the first symptom of all disease. If we don't recognize this alarm, we are abusing ourselves with the greatest hindrance to recovery.


Regeneration will take place when superior tissue Is exchanged for the old tissue by the blood stream.


Any diet in order to be efficacious for healing and body cleansing must consist of foods that contain, not merely the recognized 'Food Values', but that contain inherent qualities necessary for cleansing, healing and for the elimination of poisonous wastes.

- Hans Anderson in 'The New Food Therapy"




All healing in the body starts from within and works outward, from the head down, and in the reverse order that the diseases and injuries in your life have appeared.


The body, in its great wisdom and innate intelligence, automatically heals the most serious problem first. Fortunately, we don't have to consciously make that decision.


The intelligence within your body knows more about tissue structure and repair (REGENERATION) than any scientist or doctor will ever know.


This retracing process is really a very just process when we consider that our living habits and the foods we eat ultimately determine what we are (YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK).


Usually people do not remember what diseases or injuries they may have had in the past, but during the healing crisis they are reminded of what they have forgotten.


By going back through all of the health problems that WE have caused and inflicted upon ourselves, we are really "burning into our brain" the realization of cause and effect. By re-experiencing our past health problems, we are learning the importance of taking care of ourselves. We are also leaning that there is a penalty for the "sins of the flesh." Sometimes, but not always, the discomfort during the healing crisis or retracing may be more notable than while we were building the chronic disease. But this is for only a short time. Always look to the goal of total health and freedom from disease. Even more importantly, you will now be able to encourage others.


Once we retrace back to health, we will become so completely converted to honoring the laws of health - we will NEVER want to go back to the ways that cause disease.








A blessing to the body.


Just before the crisis you feel great with energy to spare.


It is brought on by an accumulation of health.


All organs are acutely eliminating waste products and setting the stage for regeneration.


Many parts of the body show marked change and improvement.

Absence of appetite.


The crisis may be as simple as a rash, pimples, or boils.


Elimination is regular right up to the time of the crisis. Usually a fever or catarrhal elimination takes place. Stored up catarrh and waste are now in a dissolved, free flowing state, and a cleansing purifying action is under way.


It will take place about three months after you have begun making serious changes in your lifestyle.


It will last 3 to 7 days, depending on your personal energy level.




A curse on the body.


You feel progressively worse before you become sick.


It is brought on by toxemia.


Every organ works against it, rather that with it, as in the healing crisis.


Only part of the body shows any marked change or improvement.


Just before, there is often a tremendous increase in appetite for all the wrong foods - especially sugar products.


There are no simple disease crises.


Elimination is shut down or is very unsatisfactory.


It may take years before your body reacts to your abuse. The longer it takes, the more serious the problem.


It can last for weeks and months depending on how abused your body is, especially if you continue doing what caused the problem in the first place.






2 years old - acute stage of disease - frequent colds


10 years old - sub acute stage of disease - flue & bronchial disorders


28 years old - chronic stage of disease - hay fever, pneumonia


38 years old - sub chronic stage of disease - asthma, rheumatism


Any age - degenerative stage of disease - cancer, MS, arthritis, etc.


Regeneration is dependent upon the cleansing of thee body tissues and replacing the old tissues with new cells.  In the reversal process of chronic disease, sometimes past diseases recur just the same as they were previously developed.  We cannot put a new foundation in the body without first cleansing the body, a process that is not always comfortable.  Those who have lived better lives in the past, who have eaten better foods, and who have abused their bodies less with overeating, will have body responses from almost none to very mild.  Those who have poisoned themselves (with food created by modern food processing) will have more pronounced symptoms if they have damaged the eliminative organs.  When these organs have regenerated to a healthy, more efficient state, they will no longer produce the symptoms of disease.