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Processing Makes The Difference

When you are dealing with live, natural foods, how they are processed makes all the difference in the world.  A lot of our food has been so processed with pesticides and preservatives that its nutritional value is severely compromised.  If you read the labels on the cans, bottles and boxes that your food is packaged in, you will see a list of ingredients that have little or nothing to do with nutrition.  Whole natural foods just won't last long enough on their own to make it to the market in good condition.  Even much of our locally grown produce has been sprayed with pesticides and is not as pure as it could be.  

Processing reduces the quality of the food, but New Earth is very careful to preserve the quality of the micro-algae that they harvest.   They use speed boats to get the algae to shore as fast as possible.  Within four to six hours the plant is flash frozen using a special patented process.  All of the certifications and inspections that New Earth complies with prove that the processing it top grade.   

If you have tried other sources for BlueGreen algae, and have been disappointed, try ours and you will see the difference.