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Think of it as Food

This product is actually a plant.  It is a food - a super food.  Don't think of it as a drug, or even as a supplement.  Think of it as food.  In the beginning the cost should be a part of your food budget.   Eventually, if you become an associate in our matrix, it will be paid for, and even put a few bucks in your pocket every month.

The technical name is Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA for short). It is a strain of BlueGreen Algae. However, not all BlueGreen Algae is equal. There are some strains that can be harmful, but AFA is not only not harmful, it is extreemly beneficial. It is a natural whole food that can not only supply your body with nutrients that might be missing in your diet, it also helps promote stem cell migration, a very important factor in staying healthy.  

You can purchase vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. but they are not a natural substance like the BlueGreen algae is. They are derived through processes that use things like petroleum esters and coal tar. It is much easier for your body to assimilate natural whole foods than isolated nutrients that are extracted from their natural environment. 

If you haven't already tried it, you can try it risk free.  Order a bottle of Wild Bluegreen Body and try 2 or 3 capsules or tablets with each meal.  If, after a few weeks you don't think it is helping you, return the unused portion, or even the empty bottle, for a full refund.