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Networking is something we all do all of the time. If you see a good movie, find a good restaurant, hear some good music that you really like, you are prone to tell others about it. That is what networking is, and it is a natural part of our human nature. 

Network marketing has been abused by many companies and programs looking primarily at money. Not that there is anything wrong with earning money, but the product should be more important. Many network marketing presentations go through all kinds of charts and graphs explaining how you can make bunches of money getting others to join you. Then, at the end there is something like, by the way, this is the product we are promoting. That is backwards.

We are more concerned with helping people achieve and maintain good health. We have an excellent product that will do just that for most people. The fact that you can earn money by sharing your experience is a side benefit. If you recommend a movie, restaurant or band, they are probably not going to compensate you for your efforts. New Earth will gladly compensate you for sharing your experience.

One of the biggest problems with network marketing is attrition, people dropping out. If the products are mediocre and the compensation plan leaves most people spending more than they earn, they are very likely to leave. New Earth provides excellent products and a compensation plan that is designed to help you get your products paid for in a short time. If you like the products and they are automatically sent to you every month, and you don't have to take money from elsewhere to pay for them, you are much more likely to stay with the program. This is network marketing the way it should be.  You don't even have to be an associate.  As a customer, you may want to share your experience with others just because you want to help them to be healthier, happier people.