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How to Purchase as a Customer

There are two kinds of customers, Retail and Preferred. Preferred customers set up an autoship order that will be automatically shipped every month, 2 months or even 3 months, and they get a 10% discount. Autoship orders can be changed or dropped at any time.

To place your order online, follow the steps below. You can also order by phone  using your sponsor's name and ID number.  Just call New Earth during Pacific time business hours. The number is 1-800-800-1300.  They will be happy to help you get started.

Steps to Order Online

1. Decide what products to order
2. Right click the Get Started Link below to open a new tab
3. Click WILD ESSENTIALS under the SHOP tab
4. Click Add to Cart for your first product
5. Click Checkout or Continue Shopping
6. Check "Yes" for autoship to become a preferred customer
7. Click "Continue"
8. Click "Create an account"
9. Fill in Name, email, username and password
10. Click "Create an account"
11. Fill in your information and credit card
12. Check the Terms and Conditions Agreement
13. Click Place OrderĀ