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The compensation plan has many facets.  There are commissions for your downline associate purchases, as well as your preferred, and your retail customers.  Some people just don't want to be associates, but they may bring you new customers anyway.  There are fast start bonuses, and when your downline gets really deep there are even more bonuses and commissions.  But the most important thing is what is called the "Get Three" bonus. 

Here is how the Get Three bonus works:  If you are an associate with an autoship of at least 100 Bonus Value (BV) and a frontline BV of at least 600, and you or your upline places three associates doing the same in your front row, you get a monthly $50 bonus on top of all other commissions.  That is half of your monthly product cost.  Add in the unilevel commission and fast start bonuses and you are close to having it paid for.  The next step is for you, and your upline, to help those three associates get their three associates in their front line.  Then you get a $300 Get Three bonus every month. At that point your products are paid for and you are making a profit. 

Take it one step further and help those nine associates get their three front line associates and you get a bonus of $1200 each month, plus all the other bonuses and commissions.

This is very doable for most people.  If you like the product and make it a part of your food supply, you will probably see some great health benefits.  You will be happy to share your experience with others, who will have a similar experience, and be happy to share with others, and so on.  This is the kind of product and compensation plan that really makes networking work.