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David Dantzer

David Dantzer is 76 years old at the time of this recording. He is retired from professionally teaching tennis and from college coaching. 

At the age of 73 he began running in, and winning, long distance competitions.

Taking New Earth products has helped him improve his time and recover after running. It also helps him maintian his excellent health.

David is an inspiration for all of us!

Anthony Martinez

Anthony is 40 years old and wants to get back to running like he did when he was youger.  He wants to get back to a six minute mile.  His first run, the before run, was a mile in 7 minutes 35 Seconds.  After this run he just wanted to go home to eat lunch and rest.

After two days taking AFA he ran again.  The time was almost the same, but after the first mile, he wanted to do it again.  So just in a few minutes, he ran another mile and cut about 20 seconds from his time.

How long will it take to get down to six minutes?